HAHN ENERSAVE. simply the best.

We are specialists for the temperature control of sophisticated processes, in particular with regard to injection moulding, pressure casting and hot pressing applications. We manufacture highly efficient temperature control and water distributor units for single-and multi-circuit temperature control in our own production facilities. We plan and deliver, worldwide as needed, complete systems comprised of equipment, distributors, controllers, hoses and couplers, and undertake installation, commissioning and process optimization responsibilities for you.

We implement process controlling and mould temperature control to the highest levels using the most modern temperature control equipment models, while also considering Industry 4.0 aspects. Our exemplary, advanced series ProTemp temperature control units are standard equipped with a flow meter, a pressure sensor and two temperature sensors. We draw upon a large degree of measurement technology, even in the multi-circuit temperature control systems. Various measurement techniques are used in the process, including, among others, vortex flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters. Our systems are oftentimes deployed on production machinery, even as original equipment.
Many projects have been successfully realized with machine manufacturers, such as ENGEL, KraussMaffei, Sumitomo Demag, Milacron, Fanuc, Diefenbacher, Bühler, etc. Thanks to the takeover and expansion of the temperature-control technology division of the REMAK Maschinenbau GmbH, we now possess comprehensive know-how and almost 40 years of experience in mechanical and apparatus engineering.
Our company stands for solid, modern and highly efficient mechanical engineering „Made in Germany“.

Efficient temperature-control technology and Industry 4.0 … also in your industry

Our innovative solutions have been successfully employed in a wide range of differing industries. Dependable and robust technologies of the highest quality have always been at the forefront. Every piece of equipment is subjected to comprehensive testing on our test stand prior to delivery. Our systems are among the most reliable and efficient on the market. We are strictly committed to sustainability, reducing energy consumption and low life-cycle costs. Our temperature control units are available with speed-controlled pumps rate for energy efficiency class IE 3 and higher, as well as an energy consumption meter in the display. As one of the first temperature control unit manufacturers, we offer data interfaces via OPC UA, as well as a TempAnalyser App running over Windows, iOS and Android systems.

Plastics Processing

Our units are optimally suited for applications on mid-size and large machinery thanks to their high cooling capacities and available flow rates at the operating point. The equipment interface OPC UA facilitates optimum communication with the injection moulding machines.

Automobile Industrya

The high degree of reliability and low operating costs characterizing our systems are an essential aspect of their utilization.

Specific applications for the use of lightweight materials in high temperature ranges of 180°C and higher with approval from an accredited inspection body  (ZÜS in Germany) represent just one of our strong points.

Food Industry

Easy to clean units, control cabinets with Protection class IP 54, the use of predominantly stainless steel components for water-bearing parts, as well as the use of stainless steel enclosures where needed all represent the technologies we deploy in the food industry.

Chemical / Process Engineering

Our systems are extremely well suited for process engineering applications due to the use of high-quality name-brand components and sensors with, for example, IO-Link, as well as the data interfaces OPC UA or PROFINET.

Medical Technology

The high degree of measurement technology and, because of this, the reproducibility in validated processes is one of the features of our temperature control systems. Just as in the food industry, an increasing number of systems in the medical technology industry are using stainless steel components and enclosures.

Efficiency meets Industry 4.0

The combination of high performance temperature control units with speed-controlled pumps and OPC UA interfaces, as well as water distributor units with contactless flow-rate measurement system based on ultrasonic principles.

  • Highest cooling capacities
  • Largest flow  rates
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lowest life-cycle costs  

It can be optimally combined with the TempAnalyser App.

Most likely the best available on the market today (based on statements from numerous prospective customers at the K 2016).